Half Cup Plant Holders


15CM X 15CM


These cups broke in half more by luck than judgment and seemed worth trying them as a plant holder and did sell at the last craft fair, so will be making more.


The cup is cemented onto a slate heart and as such is can be used either indoor or outdoor.  There is space at the bottom of the cup for water to run out, so beware if using it inside!

I have potted small plants which I think will look lovely when they have had a chance to settle and grow a little.  The tradescantia will trail over the sides making a lovely display that would look lovely in a bathroom or kitchen!  Something a little different.

If purchased from the website they would come to you empty, ready for you to pot up whatever you like, anything from a plant to a pen holder!

These are available to order and designs will vary depending on the china cups I have available.


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