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RA OCD 15cm 1
GlassHarlequin Coaster
FlourescentBlue Trivet

No home can have too many coasters and trivets to brighten up a room or a kitchen. These are proving very popular as a usable and visual keepsake for some previously loved china that now doesn't fit into modern day living. Every cup of tea can be a reminder of happy times with grandparents or other special memories. What a lovely way to put a glow in your heart and a reminiscent smile on your face!

I am very lucky to occasionally be given off-cuts of glass. I love using these, especially keeping their 'cut-out' shape to make some unusual design coasters or trivets. It is nice to be able to follow a colour theme to match any room decor or just have a rainbow of colours that will sit nicely in any room.

Custom Made

Coasters and/or trivets can be made to order in either china or glass or even a mix of both. If you have some pretty china you would like to bring back into use rather than it gathering dust at the back of a cupboard, please get in touch.

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