Do you take commissions?

Yes, in fact I love working with other people and sharing ideas. I take commissions for people who are not able to see something in the stores they like and want to be part of the creative process, so I use the china pieces I have acquired to make their idea come to life. For others, it is about using their own china set to make wonderful creations. Contact me to find out more.
We are always happy to discuss any ideas you may have.


Will my item always look exactly the same as in the photo?

The ethos at Blue Jelly Moon is to rescue old, chipped or broken china, so often I can only acquire one or two pieces from a set. The shape and size of the item you see in the store will remain the same, however the mosaic will be unique to each item. I try to take a picture of each item if there is too much difference, however if you have a specific desire for the item you are ordering to be exactly the same as the picture, please indicate this in the comments box during the checkout process and I will do my best to accommodate.


Would using my own china be cheaper?

The majority of the cost of making these beautiful items is time rather than the materials used. More time is needed when making a commission piece, both at the beginning to ensure we are both on the same page and also during the process, as I like to keep you informed of progress, so the answer to this question on most occasions is no.


Can I use my own china to make a mosaic?

Yes, you can either commission Blue Jelly Moon to make an item or items for you, or you may want to attend a few taster workshops and learn how to make some yourself.


What happens at a workshop?

There are 7 stages to completing a mosaic, see 'what is the full process' for details on all the different stages. As the workshop is only two hours and just a taster, we concentrate on stage 3, which is the fun part, where you get to stick pieces of china to a template, usually a heart. I provide the template and china pieces, give you a brief introduction to the process and then away you go and before you know it, a mosaic appears in front of you and I am telling you it is nearly time to go and I talk through the next stages if you want to carry on at home.

Do I have to be creative to attend a workshop?

Absolutely not, there is no right or wrong, just passing some time in a therapeutic way.

Can I only attend one workshop?

Definitely not, attend as many as you wish, many do.  Many participants wish to come back again and again. I am now offering for you to book four sessions, but pay the price of only three, these can be any of the sessions in the date box and they do not need to be consecutive dates.

Will I be able to take my creation home?

Yes, in fact two hours is only a taster, so it will need to be finished off at home, unless you would like to come back to another workshop to complete it, which many do. Even on those occasions, I ask that you take your piece home and bring it back with you to the next workshop. 

Is there enough time to complete the project in the two hour workshop?

Sadly not, these workshops are only a taster of just one part of the process, see 'what is the full process' for details on all the different stages. I do talk through the other stages briefly, so you are able to complete your project at home if you wish to do so, or you could attend another workshop.

Can I learn more?

Yes of course, see 'what is the full process' for details on all the different stages, then book onto another workshop, where I will be able to teach you more.

What is the full process?

There are 7 stages to completing a mosaic, all of which are detailed below;

1. Preparing the template
2. Creating the china pieces
3. Glue the pieces onto the template and allow to DRY (This is the stage shown at the workshops)
4. Smooth off edges and points
5. Grout
6. Clean and polish
7. Finish