Receiving a commission has to be one of the best compliments any artist can have and as such it is so important to get it right. A lot of discussion and planning is sometimes required to make sure the end product meets expectations.

Here you will find a selection of some of the commissions I have completed and gives an idea of the wide range of items that can be created especially for you. Each piece is bespoke and unique, no other will be the same.

Items include house numbers, cake stands, grandchildren's initial plaques, guardian angels, coasters, trivets to name just a few.

Commission BlackWhite R 1

What would you like creating???

Royal Albert 'OC Roses' Coaster

Many of the enquiries were for china that had belonged to family members that have been lost and their china passed down the generations. Sometimes just a piece of china can hold the most precious memories and by recreating this into something that can be put into daily use, keeps those memories alive.

I have created several pieces from a china set and they have been given to several members of the family to treasure and hopefully use.

It is a shame to have such beautiful china put to the back of a cupboard or handed to a charity shop, why not have something unique created for you and/or your family members.

I recently completed this commission for a company logo to be displayed outside the salon. I am thrilled with the finished piece and looks fabulous in full display on the wall next to the salon door.

Commission L Logo 1
LG Logo Wall 1
Tea set Cake Stand Commission

"I had a Japanese tea set in a box in my garage for years. It was a family heirloom. I met Pat at Denby Pottery Xmas Fayre last year and loved the things she made. At the Spring Fayre this year I took the tea set and Pat has made it into trinket stands for the girls in the family. I am thrilled with them and so are the girls! So nice for them to have something that had belonged to great grandparents (perhaps even older than that too)"

Thank you, Pat 😍 - Susan D

This 15cm trivet is now in it's new home in Australia! I received an email out of the blue asking if I would make a trivet from Royal Albert Old Country Rose as this was the china that belonged to her Mum and would love to have a daily reminder of happy memories.

Ask and you will receive...

RA OCD 15cm 1
RA RoseConfetti
RA Rose Confetti

Another Commission from Australia!

A specific request for a mosaic trivet in Royal Albert Rose Confetti china for a Christmas present. This was a china I had never come across and eventually had to purchase from eBay to enable me to complete the commission. Rose Confetti china was being collected by a relative and having a mosaic item was hopefully a nice surprise and an unusual present!