‘Broken China to Custom Keepsake’ lovingly hand-made by a true hobbiest, working at home and sharing her labours with you, here, in the mosaic store, using fine bone china to create gifts and unique, beautiful items.  All priced products are ready for delivery within a few days.  Non-priced products means some lucky person has got there before you, however if you contact me it may be possible to commission a similar item.

China Cup, Saucer & Broken Pieces
China Heart Mosaic Commission


Have you got a creative eye or had an accident with a piece of precious china? This is a mosaiced heart made from a Royal Crown Derby plate that was knocked off the wall and broken.  Instead of throwing the lovely plate away it has been recreated into something beautiful; a new keepsake for the gap on the wall!  If you have an idea in mind, or some china that is unloved or broken and haven't the heart to throw away, check out our Store and Gallery, lets work together to keep precious pieces and memories in our modern lives!

Inherited China

Have you ever wondered what to do with that inherited china? You may have a modern home with modern decor and sadly a china tea/dinner service just does not fit in. You loved the person who owned it, feel sad that such a beautiful set is being hidden away and it may hold fond memories. Let me help!!! I have helped many a satisfied client give new life to a china service by creating china gifts that all the family have enjoyed, helping to keep those memories alive. Each family member could choose their own design or piece. This picture shows four cake stands made from Grandma's china for each of the four grandchildren as a Christmas present - a lovely keepsake full of precious memories!
A popular choice is to have a plaque depicting either the name of the loved one, children, grandchildren, house name/number etc... the sky’s the limit!  Or you could view the Gallery or Commissions Pages for more ideas.

Black/White Flower China Cake Stand Set
China Mosaic Reindeer Ornament

Christmas Collection

It is never too early to think about Christmas! Our unique mosaic tree ornaments make great gifts or decorations for your home or tree. You can even come to one of our fabulous workshops to create your own ornaments from inherited china to pass among the family!

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Christmas Collection